Traffic & Criminal Defense Attorney Near Me

Need a Traffic & Criminal defense attorney in the Hampton Roads area?

You can lose your driver's license, be ordered to pay huge fines or even go to jail. You need the best traffic lawyer and DUI attorney in the seven cities, someone who specializes in DUIs, speeding tickets and other traffic offenses. Attorney Gordon Zedd has defended hundreds of DUI charges, reckless driving cases and speeding violations occurring in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, and Portsmouth for more than 20 years. Why go to a lawyer who is overworked with divorce clients, bankruptcy cases, and the like? Get The Zedd legal team!

Have you been issued a speeding ticket? Charged with DUI or reckless driving?

The smartest thing you can do after being charged with speeding, DUI, or any traffic offense is to retain the services of a qualified attorney who can provide you with an effective legal defense that will minimize the penalties, allow you to plead to a lesser charge, or maybe even get your charges dropped.

Criminal Defense

Courtrooms can be intimidating places, so you need an attorney who is familiar with the local courts to help you through. As a practiced criminal defense lawyer, Gordon has defended cases of theft, drug possession, and burglary.

Defending Drug Possession, Probation Violation, Theft

Since 1996 the Zedd legal team has defended cases in both State and Federal courts, including offenses occurring on the local Naval Bases, to become a best performing legal defense team in the 757 area code, Hampton Roads VA. Our criminal defense representation extends from offenses such as domestic violence, theft, probation violation, and possession charges. Don't lose your livelihood or freedom. Call the top criminal defense team in southeastern Virginia today!

Defending the Wrongfully Convicted & Winning

You may be familiar with Mr. Zedd from his representation of a local man who was released after 21 years in prison for crimes that he did not commit.

Have You Been Injured? Get The Zedd Personal Injury Team

If you or a loved one has been injured in an auto accident, please call our sister office located on Monticello Avenue in Norfolk. We get the maximum compensation in wrongful injury claims, including those stemming from fatal car, truck and motorcycle accidents. If you have been injured due to unsafe conditions or the negligence of others, we can help you pursue the full compensation to which you are entitled.

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