Have you been charged with a simple speeding ticket? Reckless driving? Driving on a suspended license? or DUI?

You need an attorney who focuses on these types of cases because you can lose your drivers license, be ordered to pay huge fines or even go to jail. Why go to a lawyer who is overworked with divorce clients, bankruptcy cases, and injured persons? Get an attorney who knows what he is doing in traffic court. The Virginian Pilot often consults Mr. Zedd on complex traffic-related issues such as Virginia's excessive road fees.

Or, have you been charged with a criminal offense which you did not commit?

Courtrooms can be intimidating places, so you need an attorney who is familiar with the local courts to help you through. You may be familiar with Mr. Zedd from his representation of a local man who was released after 21 years in prison for crimes that he did not commit.